+ What happens at a Greensleeves Feast?

It's like having a dinner in a medieval castle. A five-course dinner (eat as much as you want) is served with entertainment throughout the evening. Eat like Henry VIII, helpings are splendid, call for a "Wench" if you need more, and if you need salt you are in for a surprise. The entertainment is a show with the Baron and Troubadours. It involves lots of audience participation, sing-alongs, and direct interplay with your guests. Various characters for the evening are chosen and introduced, rules are set (and broken!), forfeits are extracted, and rollicking bawdy fun is had by all.

+ Are children allowed to attend a feast?

Greensleeves feasts are an adult type of evening, and we do not recommend that you bring children under 18 years old. Whilst the entertainment is bawdy and suggestive, it is not meant to be offensive and we do not use bad language. However it is a bawdy, loud evening, and a few jokes might offend more sensitive people. The entertainment at Greensleeves Weddings, is, on the other hand, toned down, and whilst it is still a feast perhaps more acceptable for younger people. Prices for children are the same as adults unless they are under three years old. There are no facilities for babies and young children to be looked after. The entertainment can be loud and not suitable for sensitive young ears.

+ Can we make speeches during the evening?

We can usually arrange an area for speeches before your feast. This would obviously only be necessary if you do not have a private function. Please let us know if you need this facility well in advance, i.e. when you make your reservation. An extra charge might be applicable depending on your requirements.

+ Can we book a private function?

Yes, we do cater for private functions. However there are certain terms and conditions regarding numbers, dates, and costs. Please speak us when making your reservation.

+ What are the prices of drinks?

You can take a look at our wine & beer list and prices. These prices are subject to availability, and to price changes. The only drink included in the price of the feast is a goblet of mead, all other drinks are an extra.

+ Can we control how much is spent on drinks?

Yes you can. You may put a limit on what is spent, or what types of drinks you wish to make available. For example you may restrict your party to Wine and Beer only, or a total spend of R1000, and after that they must pay for their own drinks. Or you may pay for each round of drinks as they are ordered. Individuals may also run a tab for their drinks and pay at the end of the evening. These options should be discussed when you make your booking. Please note that if you decide to limit your drinks to certain types only, we will need to know this at least a week prior to your function.

+ Can we book a costume in advance?

This, for most cases is totally unnecessary, we have a selection of over 550 costumes to choose from. If you arrive on time you will have no problem finding a costume to suit you, and changing. If your function is a wedding, there are certain costumes, which are available to the Bridal party, (family, Bridesmaids etc.) These can be booked in advance, and you may come for a fitting and to choose what you want. Please be sure to arrange a time for this in advance by calling 083 229 5677.

+ Do you have an area for my guests to gather before the function?

Yes we do. There are certain areas, which can be designated for your guests to gather before the Feast. Most of these areas are outside and therefore dependent on the weather conditions. We can provide bar service in these areas. Please arrange for this before your function when booking.

+ Can we stay over at Greensleeves? Do you have accommodation?

We have a suite, and three luxury rooms which can be rented by the night. Sleep over in comfort, and enjoy a picnic breakfast in the gardens in the morning. Please call 083 229 5677 to enquire about availability and costs. We can also give you the names and numbers of some accommodation in our area. Download accommodation info.

+ Do you do invitations that we can send to our guests?

We can provide you with suitable wording for an invitation. Here's a sample! You may have your invitations printed professionally, but with today's computers and printers it is much less expensive to do this yourself.

+ Do we have to hire costumes and dress up?

You may choose not to dress up at all, or to make up your own costume at home. We find that about 98% of all our guests hire costumes at Greensleeves, and it certainly adds to the fun of the evening. Hiring is a lot easier than making up your own costume, but it is entirely up to you. The hiring of a costume works very well, and if you hire from us there is no need to collect your costume before hand, or to wash it before you return it. We can cater for almost any size when you hire a costume. Many of the costumes are designed especially to be adjustable to different sizes. We are confident that we will find a costume to fit you.

+ Do we need to provide flowers for our wedding?

This is up to you. We suggest that you provide fresh Rose petals to be scattered onto your tables, and also to be used as confetti. An arrangement for the chapel always adds to the beauty of the occasion, but an arrangement for each table is not necessary as there is so much on the tables already, and the décor at Greensleeves is usually quite sufficient.

+ Can you suggest a gift for our guests, which would be appropriate to the theme of the evening?

Depending on what you would like to spend we have a list of gifts that fit in with the Medieval theme. These must be ordered well in advance as some of the suppliers will only import with a firm order. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

+ Are we allowed to take photos & videos during the evening?

We do allow flash photography and video taping during the breaks in the entertainment. However, during the show we ask that you do not use your cameras with a flash, and do not allow the video or audio taping of any part of the performance. This is for copyright reasons and we cannot make any exceptions to this rule. If you need a professional photographer for the event please contact us so that we can recommend one that knows the format of the feast and we know that you will be happy with.

+ What is your cell phone policy?

All cell phones must be switched off during the entertainment. We have found them to be a big disturbance during the evening and also their signal does affect our cordless microphones. Please divert all calls on your cell phone to the Greensleeves landline 083 229 5677 and we will call you if there is a call for you. Please make sure that all babysitters etc know the name of your group to enable us to find you quickly.

+ Do you have a smoking area?

Smoking is allowed outdoors, and away from all doors leading directly to the feasting chambers. Should the weather be inclement, we can make an area indoors available for smokers. We do have a smoke break or intermission during the course of the evening and this will be announced.

+ What if ESKOM fails?

Greensleeves has full backup power installed in the form of diesel generators. We have had this facility since 2006, and are able to run a full feast or wedding, including dancing without any help from ESKOM.

+ What time does the Costume room open?

The costume room opens one and a half hours before the start of the show. For weddings it usually opens 45 minutes to an hour before the start of the chapel service. Please feel free to confirm costume room opening times by calling 083 229 5677 or when booking.

+ Are you wheelchair friendly?

We have tried to make Greensleeves wheelchair friendly. We would ask that you let us know when you book, if you need wheelchair access, and we will do our best to assign a table to you which will make things easier for the person concerned. We also have an access point, which is closer than the car park, please feel free to ask for any assistance in this regard, we will be only too glad to try and be of help.

+ What should we tip our serving wench or lackey?

Some bills at Greensleeves will have a 10% service charge added to them, this will be clearly marked on your bill. Otherwise tipping is up to you and will always be gratefully accepted by your serving staff.

+ Can we bring our own cake for the special occasion?

For all people celebrating a special occasion, Greensleeves does provide a token cake with a sparkler. This is presented to the person concerned at the time of the evening, when the Baron announces out all the names of the people celebrating. Should you wish to provide a larger or more personalized cake you are welcome to do so. Hand it in on your arrival and it will be brought on with the other cakes at the correct time.

+ Do you charge corkage?

We do not allow you to bring your own drinks with you as we are fully licensed. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests for a particular type of drink, as long as you let us know in advance.

+ Do you cater for vegetarians, and special diets?

Yes, we do. But we must know in advance. Please let us know your dietary requirements when you make your reservation, and we will gladly do our best to cater for you. A small surcharge may apply. Our kitchens are not Halaal or Kosher. Our chickens are Halaal and certified as such. No pork products are used in our set meals. We can do a "Halaal friendly" meal, using chicken or fish or vegetarian.

+ Do you accept bachelor/bachelorette parties or stag/hen parties?

We have found that single sex parties, where partners are not involved, do not work very well at Greensleeves. This is due to the entertainment being geared towards partners, and activity between partners. It is not essential that all in your party must have a partner, but if there are no partners, we have found that guests do not enjoy themselves that much. In fact, after a bachelor party, we have had men saying that they should have brought their partners with them! Why not hold a combined bachelor and bachelorette party? Many couples have, and enjoyed the evening immensely.

+ Do you give discounts and special offers?

Please join our mailing list (scroll down to the bottom of the web page!) to be made aware of special offers. When we are not that busy, or we have had a cancellation, or a postponement of a party, we do offer some seats at very special prices. The only way that we publicise these offers is by sending them to our email list. Should you not wish to receive these offers you can remove your address from the email list at any time. We also promise never to send you more than one email per month, and we will never give your email address to anyone else. We sometimes list current specials on our homepage too.