A right royal time to be had by all! Greensleeves has entertained millions of guests since 1974 and is the Original Medieval Feast in South Africa. For 39 years GREENSLEEVES has been known as "The Special Occasions Venue"!

What happens at a Feast?

Dine in Medieval splendour and a superb atmosphere. Rollicking, bawdy fun, singing, and audience participation with the Baron and his Troubadours until about 11.00pm - with dancing until 12.30am. Open every Friday and Saturday night, but we can open other times by arrangement. The doors open at 7.00pm and the show starts promptly at 8.00pm.

What's to eat?

Eat as much as you like from a four course meal, brought to table by the serving Wenches, with a fanfare of trumpets. Goblet of Mead - Chick Pea Pâté and Flat breads - Broth of venison, Beef, root vegetables and fresh herbs, served with home baked bread - "Four and Twenty" Chyken and Potherb Pye - Spit roasted Chyken, and roasted aged Beef, served with earthapples, potherbs and gravy - Dutch Malva pudding and “Icy Syllabub”

How to arrange drinks?

We are fully licensed and drinks may be paid for as ordered - 'cash bar' - or added to your bill. Our prices are very reasonable - bills are itemised so it’s easy to see who drank what!

How to Book?

Call 082 602 2958 or 083 229 5677 to reserve your seats, or for more info.

Dressing up?

Medieval Costumes may be hired at Greensleeves on the night. Costume Hire opens at 6.30pm. If you choose not to dress up in costume then dress is informal. Most people dress up - it's more fun! Change on way in and have fun changing with your guests. No deposit – leave your clothes as surety. No cleaning of costume – we do it! Return costume on your way out. Over 450 costumes in very good condition!

Ye Prices?

The price quoted is per person, includes VAT, and covers everything except your drinks, costumes and service charge. Please note that cheques and American Express cards are not accepted.

  • Feast Prices
  • Important Notices

    "Christmas in July" - Feast for the whole family... Lunchtime Sunday 27th July.

    Enjoy a unique 'Christmas' lunchtime Banquet at Greensleeves. Recapture the authentic excitement, the pageantry and medieval splendour - the thrill of feasting as they did in good King Henry's days.

    Fun for the whole family, in a superb atmosphere with festive log fires to keep out the winter chill.

    All courses of your meal will be brought to table by your serving wench, and you help yourselves to as much as ‘thou doest desire’.

    Be entertained by the Baron and Montmorency our troubadour, and join in the carol singing!

    For those who wish to dress for the occasion, Merlin’s Costume Hire will be open on the day. Prizes for the best dressed children in their own costumes.

    Adults R295 - Children 10 and under, R125 - 6 and under R85 (+ 10% service charge) - Costume hire R75

    Call now seats are limited and must be pre booked. 082 602 2958 - 083 229 5677

    Greensleeves turns 40 this year!!!

    If you are celebrating your 40th birthday at Greensleeves this year we have a complimentary bottle of bubbly for you!

    Craft Beers...

    We are proud to offer craft beers from over six different local breweries, and a choice of over 30 different beers!

    Prices and Menus...

    Click here for menus and more info.


    Want to hold your wedding at Greensleeves? We have a thatched chapel, beautiful gardens and a choice of reception areas to suite you. Whether you want a large formal wedding or a small intimate one, we will be happy to plan it with you. Our Renaissance themed Weddings are very popular, and we are now offering buffet receptions to suite your budget as well. Prices can be greatly discounted depending on when your function is held. Call Marlene on 082 602 2958 or 083 229 5677 to find out more, or come and have a coffee on a Saturday morning and view the venue. (Please make an appointment first.) We want your wedding to be your very special day!


    Enjoy the feast without having to drive home. Click here to find out more about our accommodation options.

    At Greensleeves you'll recapture the authentic excitement, the pageantry and medieval splendour - the roisterous bawdy thrill of feasting as they did in good King Henry's days.

    Greensleeves has entertained well over a million visitors from all over the world. Come and thrill to the songs, stories, and rollicking bawdy fun of the Baron and his Minstrels and join in the choruses. You'll be addressed as Milord and Milady, and entertained right royally. Call "Wench!" - the helpings are splendid and served with great ceremony - mouth-watering fare - all brought by Wenches and Lackeys in period costume, with a flourish of trumpets!

    "South Africa's most lavish feast; an impressive re-creation of an era."

    "An evening of roistering celebration in a superb atmosphere quite unlike the one from which you normally hail."

    "... all those around me were having the time of their lives, red faced from mead, food and sheer exuberance. A unique experience in a splendid setting."