A Different Kind of School outing

For the last 25 years Greensleeves has been proud to offer a morning excursion for Primary Schools which includes the following:

A Medieval History Tour in which we discuss Castles, Knights, Weaponry and Armour, Tournaments, Banquets, Growing up in the Middle Ages and other related topics. The tour incorporates not only discussion but also the ability for the children to see the Weapons and Armour and immerse themselves in the period. During the tour we frequently stop for question time and discussion is encouraged. 

  • The tour starts at 9:00am and goes through until 12:00 noon, finishing with a light meal. Please note that it is important to arrive on time at 9:00am otherwise the tour will have to be shortened, as we have to finish at 12:00 noon. This is especially important when there is more than one school attending.
  • Pottage and home baked Manchet Bread followed by Syllabub will be served. The meal, manners and customs are also explained to the children and some of them will act as the serving wenches and lackeys.
  • The tour is aimed at two age groups, the first is Grades 1 through to 3 which is less intense and and is geared towards the younger children.  The second group is suitable for Grades 4 through to 7 where the discussions are in more detail and we cover more topics.
  • The minimum number of children to organize a tour would be 40, however if your group is less than this we can combine you with another school, and try to match up the correct age group. We are able to accommodate up to 120 children at a time.

Ye School Tour Prices

1 January - 30 June 2018

40 - 60 people p/p: R132
61 - 80 people  p/p: R121
81 - 120 people  p/p: R115.50

1 July - 31 December 2018

40 - 60 people p/p: R139
61 - 80 people  p/p: R128
81 - 120 people  p/p: R122

This price includes the tour and the meal.

School Tours

  • Bookings should be made well in advance. We will need your final numbers attending on the day before your excursion so that we can cater accordingly.
  • The number booked for will be paid for on the day, no-shows cannot be deducted.
  • Call 083 229 5677 / 082 602 2958
The tour is an ideal introduction to Medieval History and the period in general.